The US has a vast and long-established retail market offering just about every possible product imaginable. There are options for those wanting to purchase budget items all the way up to those wanting to buy high-end luxury products. At Omni Shipping Services, we help you get access to this market wherever you are in the world. We also give you digital tools to make your experience of receiving US packages and correspondence more efficient.

Why You Should Choose Us

  • There are no restrictions on the retail outlets you can shop at. Whatever store you choose, you can manage the purchase online and get it shipped to your location.
  • We manage your purchases and shipping arrangements so all you have to do is shop.
  • You get access to our intelligent auction software, which will help you win auctions on the US version of eBay.
  • You don’t need a US credit card to make purchases at American stores, as we can handle the transaction.
  • We have sales agents in just about every state. This means that you can pick the one you want to use, so you can avoid paying state sales tax and keep your shipping costs as low as possible.
  • Our shipping agent will photograph the package once it arrives so you can check the condition. This photograph can be of the box or the shipping agent can open the box to take the photo, depending on your instructions.
  • You have control over how your packages are shipped to you. In particular, you can consolidate the packages into a single shipment to save money.
  • Our shipping service is available in 195 countries. We offer low rates and only use the most respected international carriers, including FedEx, UPS, DHL and USPS.
  • We can also handle item exchanges and returns on your behalf.
  • You can get a consultation with a member of our team for free.

Mail Forwarding in the United States

Have you encountered online retailers in the US that don’t offer a shipping option to your country? Maybe they do offer the option, but the price is incredibly high. Unfortunately, this is a common situation. In addition, US retailers often don’t offer good service to international customers. Omni Shipping Services is the solution for these problems, as we have extensive experience handling international shipping operations and our customer service is excellent. Whatever retailer you choose, we’ll make sure that your goods arrive in a perfect condition.

Buying and Paying for Your Purchases

Another problem that international shoppers experience when buying items at online retailers in the US involves making payments. This is because many US retailers only accept American credit cards. If you don’t have one, you can’t shop at their store. We solve this problem by handling the transaction for you. In simple terms, you pay us and we pay the merchant. Our fees for this service are as little as 10% of the purchase price and we will complete the transaction in less than 24 hours.

Personal Shopper Service

Items in the US are not always the same as equivalent items in your country. Sizes may be different, for example, or electronic devices may not work. To help you deal with these issues, we offer a personal shopper service. If you have a query relating to the item you want to buy, we will contact the retailer on your behalf to find out the answer. This personal shopper service is completely free, no matter how many questions you need to ask the retailer.

Monitor and Control

When your selected shipping agent receives your order from the US retailer, they will record the delivery and check that the package matches your order. The shipping agent will then take a photograph of the item, showing the original packaging, and they will weigh it. This information is made available on your online portal account so you can decide the cheapest method of forward shipping. The photographs also let you confirm that there is no damage to the item.

Mail Repackaging

Your packages will remain completely sealed if you don’t want us to open them – we take your privacy very seriously. We do offer a repackaging service, however, that you can choose to use. With this service, we will open the items you receive so that we can repackage multiple orders into one parcel. This will save you money on shipping the item to your location. The only exception to this is electronic products; we do not open and repackage electronics as the packaging is designed to protect the item.

Mail Consolidation

We will process the onward shipping of your packages in whatever way you choose. Our shipping agents are experts in the industry, so they understand the best way to package your items to keep them safe and to reduce shipping costs as much as possible. We can combine multiple packages into one shipment, split up large shipments so they meet regulations, or split up shipments so they can be forwarded on to multiple final locations. The latter service is, for example, excellent when purchasing gifts.

Returns Management

If the item is damaged when our shipping agent receives it, we will handle the returns or exchange process on your behalf. This includes following the retailer’s returns procedure and contacting them, if necessary. If you are getting a refund, you will be reimbursed as soon as the retailer processes the refund to us.

If a problem is discovered with the item after you receive it, we will still handle the returns or exchange process for you. That being said, retailers often have a limited timeframe within which you must request a return or refund. This can be a problem when you are receiving the item in another country, as shipping takes longer. In these situations, we still offer as much assistance as possible. This includes contacting the retailer on your behalf to request that your refund or exchange be treated as an exception to the standard policy.

With every refund or exchange, we will only act on your instructions. Therefore, make sure that you send us the full details of what you want us to do, including the reasons. You will also have to pay for any additional shipping charges incurred to process the return.

Additional Services

At Omni Shipping Services, we offer a comprehensive range of mail management and shipping services. As a result, the main services are only some of the ways we can help you. In addition to those services, we also offer the following:

  • You can get a virtual address in a US location of your choice and you can manage this address through your online account
  • All orders processed in 24 hours or less
  • A feature-packed online portal that is secure and easy to use
  • You only pay for the item once we confirm it is in stock and available
  • Our shipping agent will store your items for up to a week so you can take full advantage of consolidating your orders
  • Having a local shipping agent in the US means you will have access to the best choice of shipping options
  • We will repackage the items you receive according to your instructions, including combining purchases from multiple stores into one package for shipping
  • You will have a choice of shipping options for sending the package to your location
  • You get a guarantee from us that you will receive your items
  • We handle all the documentation relating to the shipment, including creating the shipping label and invoice